Payment Overview
Payment Status

Payment Status

From the point of initiation payment goes through several statuses, which merchant can observe using methods described here.

AWAITING_AUTHORIZATIONPayment was initiated and it waits for the customer to confirm or cancel it in bank application.
PENDINGCustomer successfully authorized payment in bank application. Bank received thr request to process the payment.
COMPLETEDPayment has been accepted and processed by the bank.
FAILEDPayment failed at any stage of the flow.

Payment Statuses

Payment Status Update

There are three complementary ways for merchant to know what is the current status of the payment.

Merchant callbackmerchant is notified about payment status via merchant callback URL in front-channel
Webhook notificationsmerchant is notified about payment status via webhook URL in back-channel
GetPaymentStatus API callmerchant can query payment status using an API call