React Native



Block Volume button when clicked until user will be navigated to Bank. This prevents creating multiple payments when button is clicked multiple times.


Add new UK banks. Requires updating values in iOS Info.plist

1.0.0 🎉

Removes legacy @react-native-async-storage dependency

Rework Volume component internals preventing unnecessary re-renders

Volume Button component onButtonEvent callback


Updated Volume React Native to version 0.71.6


Added possibility to include optional metadata object for create payment.


react-native-mmkv replaces @react-native-async-storage/async-storage

react-native-mmkv (opens in a new tab) is a drop in replacement for @react-native-async-storage/async-storage and is a much faster alternative.

Install the react-native-mmkv (opens in a new tab) module as a dependency of your application.



This is a breaking change

Additional required dependency

AsyncStorage (opens in a new tab) no longer part of React Native core. You need to install it separately.

Previously the AsyncStorage module was used to store the users previous payment method so that it could be used as the default payment method when the user next made a payment. This was done to reduce friction for the user and to make the payment process as simple as possible.

This is now removed from React Native and must be installed separately as a dependency of the application and not a third party library due to auto linking constraints.

Install the AsyncStorage (opens in a new tab) module as a dependency of your application.

sh yarn add @react-native-async-storage/async-storage

You must run pod install in the ios directory of your application to link the new dependency.